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We’re all travellers in spirit, frustrated by time, work and daily life. One chat with My Swft cuts through the stress, allowing you to design your ideal trip, receive relevant recommendations and share the link with friends.


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Forget about waiting for friends to pay you back on payday – with My Swft everyone pays separately via their own link. We’ll chase so you don’t have to and keep you posted.

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Our travel knowledge guides you both before and after you land. Take us with you in your pocket – we can book restaurants, activities and more. And you never pay a penny more for booking through My Swft.



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Boys trips

It’s not all stagging, boozy breaks or being chased by bulls through gothic cities. We’re an original bunch – here’s some inspiration.

Girls trips

Think city, think beach, think rural retreat – it’s time for a vacay. We’ve got you covered with new experiences to get the gram popping.

Trips with friends

Ski trips, sports tours, birthdays and reunions – just grab your passport. Any excuse is a good one to go on a break with your besties.

Family holidays

Activity-packed locations with a range of accommodation. Get the lowdown on breaks catering for the young, the old and those in-between.

Why we love group holidays

Three's a crowd? More's a party.

Group travel is all about the collective. Regardless of whether your travel companions are family, friends, colleagues or strangers – the shared memories are what make group holidays great. We find that when it comes to travel, less is less and the more the merrier.


Friends (…and family) reunited

No one is fooled. It isn’t easy corralling together modern families or friends for extended periods of quality time. Often we’re separated by either geography or busy diaries, by hectic family lives or work commitments – or by a combination of the above. Holidays provide the greatest opportunity for people to get together, a fixed date for you all to switch off, unplug from the concerns we all carry, and enjoy each other’s company. A reunion tour for the boys; a weekend spa break for the girls; a family Christmas break on the slopes – any reason to reunite is a good one and we can help.

Breaks that call for cake

An increasingly popular travel market is for breaks that demand a cake – celebrating birthdays and weddings away from home. Landmark birthdays for the boys at 21 to spring break in Cancun; the girls seeing in their 30th year with some Balearic summer fun in an Ibizan old town villa; a 50th year reunion that was made for a golf resort on the Algarve. Plenty of couples seeking their dream day plan their wedding abroad where costs often work out cheaper than back home. Give a ring to My Swft and we’ll make sure your big day goes off without a hitch – we always say yes.

Stags, hens, balloon animals and party animals

Before the cake there is inevitably a hen and a stag. These breaks mean big groups, lots of organisation, just as much coordination as well as the right amount of local knowledge to make sure the location is perfect. Leave it to a My Swft concierge to take care of the detail, getting rid of things like payment headaches. You can focus on the important things like fancy dress themes and bulk buying L-plates and handcuffs.

The right group holiday for you

Who makes up your party dictates the type of group holiday you’re seeking. Once we know that, we can work together to swiftly organise the perfect location, ideal accommodation and an itinerary to live long in the memory.

Matching t-shirts are far from mandatory. Sharing once-in-a-lifetime events is a must. The sharing of clothes and the collective emotional rollercoaster of a holiday romance are both optional extras.

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Going pains – The challenges of group travel

As lead booker, organising a group holiday can be a nightmare. All considerations rest on you to herd the party towards a date and location, balancing concerns and managing budgets and payments.

It’s time consuming

The time invested is staggering. On average group leaders will consult 38 different websites before settling on a location and will set foot on the plane having undertaken anywhere from 10-30 hours of planning. By way of comparison, in 24 hours Jack Bauer stopped a political assassination and rescued his kidnapped wife and daughter.

Booking big parties is not much fun

Large travelling groups bring many problems. The first big issue you’ll have to negotiate is nailing down a date you’re all free. Even presenting an initial range of weekends that the girls aren’t already backed up with weddings can be challenging.

But you finally have a date. How to organise the thing? Long email chain? People don’t check it often enough and will inevitably miss crucial emails. Whatsapp it is. With the onus on the group leader to double save all the documents and track responses to questions about individual needs. Dietary requirements? Ski carriage needed? Flying from a different airport to the rest of the booking? Every change, every question, every detail must be accounted for and relayed. And now there are just 16 lots of payments to be made on time. In one month. And then again in three months time…


Our ears are burning...


Our ears are burning...


Payment problems solved

Group holidays usually mean the lead booker will have to police payments being made towards the holiday on time. It’s often a thankless task given that you may not know every party member. It can make tapping people up repeatedly to pay money an awkward experience for all involved.

Not when you book with My Swft. We give every member of the party a separate booking link, so we know who pays what and who still owes. Leave chasing the stragglers for a final payment on payday to us and we’ll keep you posted.

Pressure to get it right

Although most decisions will be made in concert, the group leader may feel the weight of a successful holiday rests on them. This should never be the case. Booking a holiday should be an enjoyable process based on camaraderie and looking forward. Allow an expert travel concierge to take the weight off.



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